But I’m not going to and everyone knows it.

You know what, though? The amount of complaining I do about my classes doesn’t really represent my dislike for them. I actually really enjoy my physics and calculus classes. Yesterday, we learned all these way awesome differentiation techniques in calculus class. Today, in physics class, we were covering material that no one in the class understood at all, and when the professor said we’ll be reviewing this stuff for the next 3 classes, I was actually really happy. I get to understand this work-energy theorem stuff! Something about seeing myself be able to solve more difficult problems everyday makes me bubbly inside.

It’s a relief to me that I like this stuff. Someone said to me once, “Did you notice that the ones who complain the most about calculus are the engineers who actually need this stuff?” On behalf of the engineers, I’m going to say: we’re just trying to cope with having to take years of math classes (what were those silly math majors thinking…)! We love to complain about calculus. We wallow in self-pity but we secretly love it.

Kind of on a related note, I noticed something interesting this week. I remember in high school that math was one of those things that everyone had in common. Everyone took math and everyone complained about evil math teachers. But this week I noticed that not a lot of people actually take math. I remember always being able to turn to someone and ask him/her about a difficult math problem.

‘Tis not so no mo’!

I just think it’s interesting the way things change as we move through phases in life. In college, everyone is studies what they enjoy and, though it means I have less in common with people, it also adds much more variety.


You know what else adds more variety? Having a MacBook after wanting to get a Mac for years! It’s true: Once you go Mac, you don’t go back!



And as promised, a picture!

This was taken on my phone (hooray for panorama shot!) at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT last Sunday for General Conference:

It's a bit blurry!