Before I went on my mission to Canada, I lived in an apartment with 3 other guys next to campus. It was very enjoyable. We’re still close friends to this day and we’ve made lots of memories. But this last week I realized that (despite that year being one of the best years of my life) I always felt deep inside that everything was just temporary. And because things were temporary, there were things that I should not and could not do.

It was the same in high school too where everything was temporary because I knew that the next thing in my life was invariably going to be to go to college. In middle school, I knew my next milestone to be high school. I feel like I missed out on a lot because of this.

For the first time in my life, there is nothing set before my by either parents or cultural norms. I was standing in my apartment looking around when I suddenly thought to myself, “Wait a minute… I’m not just staying here until I go off on a mission anymore. I’m not even staying here just until the end of the semester. This is my home! I can do whatever I want here!”

I’m pretty sure this is what they call an epiphany.

Anyways, things just suddenly clicked that I can do whatever I want. Nothing is out of bounds, really. I’m at the point in my life where I set the limits and no one else. If I wanted to quit school (which I definitely am not thinking), who’s to stop me? Or if I wanted to paint the walls in my apartment and buy nice furniture, I can! If I wanted to go vegan, then why the heck not?!

I’ve got to say that this sudden increase in my awareness and understanding of my options is quite liberating. It’s different from when I was in high school, living in my parents’ home, where even though I had said that I’m free to do whatever I want, let’s face it. There were limits! Limits placed in order to discipline and teach me! I’m grateful for those limits; they really were educational and I’m sure served a great purpose in “training” me for the real thing.

Now things are for reals, and I had better learn to make the right decisions without making the mistake of placing imaginary limits on myself.