I am now back from a 2 year hiatus and, boy, what a hiatus it was! Now you can all imagine what kind of change a person can go through in two years, especially during the impressionable times of one’s early 20’s. And the change that happens if that time is spent as a missionary is even more so.

The lifestyle of the Mormon missionary is quite different from many. Up at 6:30am to follow a schedule of exercise, preparation, and hours of study. No dabbling at all in worldly things, meaning no TV, no movies, no radio, etc. The entire focus of a Mormon missionary’s life is to spread what he or she knows to be true about God. No worrying about getting a job, paying the bills, schooling. The two years is a given (and taken) opportunity to focus as much as one can on spiritual things with very little distractions.

Now, I know many people have a problem with people who proselytize (or sometimes in their words “sell” or “push”) their beliefs, and I apologize if it’s been offensive. But I think that it’s the same as letting other people know about a great movie I just watched. Anyways, that’s the approach I took. I have something that gives me a lot of happiness and I’d like to share it with whoever is interested.

Anyways, enough about that. The past two years have been great. I’ve done a lot of growing, and I feel like a different person. It’s typical, even cliche, for a previous Mormon missionary to say this, but it’s been a turning point in my life, a time when I went through a lot of changes that will stick for the rest of my life.

Since coming back home, things have been hectic. Suddenly being thrown into my previous life has been a big adjustment, but it’s been good. In the past month, since I’ve been back, I’ve gone on a vacation with the family and then moved to Utah to continue schooling at BYU. My major is technically Electrical Engineering, but I’ve been wanting to go to med school lately. I’ll have to think about it.

I’m hoping to get this blog started back up. I’d hope I can at least record some good things on here every once in a while so  that I can have something to look back and smile about some day.