I’ve been rethinking my major for some time and after much reading of major descriptions and requirements, there is now a post-it on the wall at my desk that reads civil engineering(?). I’d like to get into architecture or journalism but unfortunately, my school does not offer an architecture program and I don’t have the balls to go into journalism for fear of living in a box. I am one who enjoys currency.

So for now, I’m considering civil engineering. I suppose it’s like architecture except with less of the imagination and more of the government projects. I should probably find out more about what a civil engineer does. Or maybe I can transfer schools. I’d love to move to the east coast.

When it comes to journalism, I just need more time. I had dinner with my mom today and she told me that one of her customers is a very well known columnist for the Orange County Register so I’m thinking that maybe I could talk to him and ask him a couple things. Then, I can wait for the foreign idea of journalism to sink in.

Deep down, though, I think I want journalism more than architecture. However, the idea of science and engineering majors is already well bred into my brain. In fact, I may have been born in a giant tub of it, so I’m not so nervous about deciding to be an engineering major. It’s the thought of the liberal artsy fartsy stuff that turns my brain into a useless chunk of proteins. You can see why it’s hard for me to really even think about journalism.

So, yeah. This is good. I’m going from your typical science and math oriented asian kid to the indie music listening kid. Broadening my horizons, if you will.