Well, well, well. Seems my days are action packed lately. Actually, not so much action packed as dull errand packed. I’m busy these days trying to rack up some hours at work and running errands after work to buy things for my mission. I need tons of things seeing as how I’m going to be gone for two years without much opportunities to go to the mall.

Socks, suits, dress shirts are on the list along with an international driving record, which apparently you can only get at AAA. And speaking of driving, yesterday morning, I went to the DMV to get my driving record and to renew my driver’s license because it will expire during my mission. I paid a total of $33 for those two, $28 of which were for the renewal (ridiculous!). To top it off, they made me take a written test because I was renewing it too early.

I have to admit that I sweated a bit as I walked into to the room and saw I didn’t know the answer to the first question. Fortunately, the rest of the test was easy as delicious pineapple upside down cake. Another plus: my new picture isn’t so bad. In my current license picture, I do not look happy. No, sir, not at all.

I’m not sure because you can’t really see anything in the very pixelated black and white picture they give you for a temporary license, but I think you can kind of see a smile in the new one.