People who have no vision frustrate me. By vision, I mean people who limit their opportunities just by refusing to consider the possibility of things.

“Quitting smoking is too difficult for me.”
“I’m not smart enough to get the grades to get into an Ivy league university.”
“He/She wouldn’t want to go out with me.”
“They wouldn’t hire me.”
“I’m not even going think about it because nothing will come out of it.”


If we were to be negative about everything, we’d have to stick with only what we are perfectly comfortable with, and exactly how many things are we that comfortable with? Maybe if all we wanted was to go to work, sleep, and eat, it would be fine to confine ourselves within our comfort zones, but that is a pathetic existence. Life is for living and I don’t categorize existing with living. Tables exist. So do rocks and plants, but people live.

Let’s not settle for surviving either. Surviving is what animals do. They are born, they eat and sleep, they have babies, and then they die. It’s not much of a step up from simple existence. So how about we try to improve ourselves in everything we do so that we’re are not simply existing or surviving? Why don’t we “shoot for the stars,” as they say and make our lives so much more meaningful?

Let’s not think we’re only capable of this much and not that much. With sky high goals and firey passion, we could reach infinitely further – even in failure – than with self-deprecated attempts.