While I was driving today, I was switching through radio stations and stopped when I heard a catchy beat on Indie 103.1. I bopped my head up and down to the beat and was thinking, “Hey, this song is pretty good.” Then, the most amazing thing happened. COWBELLS. They were harmonizing with COWBELLS.

Seriously? The first thing my mind went to was the band sitting around writing this song and one of the members saying, “Dude, we gotta have more cowbell.” Then, they all crack up for a good ten minutes and give the cowbells a bigger part. The next thing my mind went to was this band performing the song live. Who gets to play the cowbells?

Anyways, that was all good and fun, but something even more amazing happened. After the song ended, the DJ was saying something and I wasn’t really paying attention partly because I was driving and partly because I was still thinking about cowbells, but then I heard “have OK Go here tonight” and you shoulda seen it. Shoot. My mind focused onto the radio program so fast, the sound of my mental power sharpening made the drivers around me lose control of their cars.

The DJ and the band talked for a bit and then! AND THEN! They performed “Oh Lately It’s So Quiet” right there! Live! And it was way better than the version that was in their album and I shouted at the top of my lungs, “OH MY GAWD OK GO ROXXORS MY SOXXORS!”


Disclaimer: The sharpening of mental power does not actually make noise. Thus, no one really lost control of their cars. Also, I did not actually yell that. I’m not crazy. I’m not!