Lately, my creative juices have congealed into a jello-like substance and are not flowing smoothly. I’ve started sticking to a daily routine: wake up, exercise, wash up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, dress up, go to work, come home, take a shower, have dinner, rest a bit, study Korean, take a shower, brush teeth, floss, and go to bed. This lack of change has discontinued circulation of the creative juices, which is how, I suspect, they have congealed.

So that’s the reason for the couple days pauses in my blogging schedule. I just can’t think of much to write about. All I really do is work. Oh, and speaking of work, MK is coming along very well. She’s learning quickly and even did an interview by herself today, which from what I understand, was with the most unhappy senior citizen in the world.

He accused her of being a scam artist, and scam artists we are not. He even called down all of his friends in the building and they were all yelling and accusing and just being jerks. Yet, she still managed to calm them down and get all of the information we need. Not bad for her first try, eh?