Because I will be moving to Canada in about a month and a half, I have to find someone to replace me when I quit my job. Fortunately, I’ve already found a friend, MK, who is not a big fan of the new manager her place of work, so I’m going to start bringing her in to the office tomorrow to start training her to replace me. ______ __________, Inc.* will not go Korean-translator-less!

I think this job will be good for MK. I’ve learned so much in the 2 months I’ve been working for this company than I’ve learned in all my working years (admittedly, my working years are not many but they are more than 2!). The company is a small one (figure less than 15 employees) that works multimillion dollar projects, but our boss insists that we maintain a casual atmosphere. Obviously, when we meet with a client, we have to dress to impress but for Friday staff meetings, flip flops, tees, and even booty shorts are A-ok.

Friday staff meetings are often the highlight of my week. The office is a beach house that’s located south of Long Beach. Everyone strolls on in around 9 and gets settled in. At 10 when the meeting starts, we’re at what would be a living room on the second floor. We talk about what got done, what has to be done, any new changes to relocation plans, any new projects (tentative or not), and any news from coworkers. We are also taught how to deal with certain types people because our job is a very client and client’s clients oriented job.

All the while, there are open sliding glass doors that let in the breeze of the ocean air, coworkers who stand by those doors to smoke, jokes, laughing, and talk about what Dolores, the manager at one of the client’s buildings a.k.a. that B****!, did this time to purposely make things hard for us.

It’s an amazing job. Despite this very casual atmosphere, we maintain a professional work ethic that keeps clients coming back. I learned so much about how money of the multimillion dollar level works and sometimes I want to not go on my proselyting mission and stay with the company. I would learn so much, but no. There is always time to go back to that company and there is not always time to go on a mission.

I’ll just have to settle for sponging up everything I possibly can before I leave at the end NEXT MONTH!

*I’m not about to post my company’s name for all of webizens to read and look up and scheme and bring down in a fiery crash of front page sightings, lawsuits, and supposed scandals.