Guess what. Remember how yesterday I said I’m going to be at work alone with no internet? Well, that was before my genius brain kicked in. I’ve successfully figured out the password to the network of one of the other tenants in this building.

So far, I’ve checked messages, made appointments, watched a bunch of videos that I had saved on my computer, had a big lunch, talked to a deaf person on the phone (huh? how, you say?) and watched Ocean’s Eleven. I was going to read or sleep or something but then I haxxored the internets.

Yeah, that talking to the deaf person on the phone was an interesting experience. It was one of the tenants who lives in the apartments that I’m at right now calling about a notice we left on his/her door (I never actually talked to the person nor got his name, just his/her apartment number). As soon as I answered the phone, a lady started saying a scripted introduction much like the way a telemarketer does. It was something about relays and text messages. I was going to hang up, but the lady was like, “Do you know how relay works?”

“Um, no I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about…”

Then she explained to me in very confusing language that whatever I say, she will type and message the deaf person and that I should speak slowly and say, “Go ahead” when I’m done. It took about half an hour but we got an appointment set up and now I’m interviewing a deaf person on Monday. I’ll be sure to bring a notepad and pen because I suspect that’s the only way I’ll be able to communicate.

Oh, and hanging up was kind of awkward. The person on the phone said, “Operator here, the client is hanging up. Thank you.” I said, “Oh, ok. Thank you. Bye.” Then she said, “[something something] 717,” and I was all quiet because I didn’t know what she said. Then after like 5 seconds, I said, “Ok, thank you.” to which she replied, “717 is operator for good bye.”

Huh? Whatever… I said, “Ok, bye” really fast and just hung up.