Yesterday, I bought the book Going Postal by Terry Pratchett and the Juno soundtrack. From what I’ve read so far, Going Postal is quite funny. The first chapter involves instances of false hopes of escape from certain death. I’ll have time to read more tomorrow because I’m going to be at the office from 9 to 5, and I won’t be allowed to leave for very long at a time because I’m going to be the only one there and someone has to answer the phones. Oh, and there isn’t going to be any internet. Save me.

The Juno soundtrack is very good. Admittedly, I think any album I buy is good because I hold off on buying any until I can’t stand it anymore. I figure that way I’ll enjoy it more and, thus, get more out of my purchase. I do this often where I create happiness – however shortlived, small, or insignificant – like magic. It’s actually pretty easy. You do little things like stash a couple dollars, or maybe even a five dollar bill, in your clothes and the pockets of your wallet.

Can you see where this is going? Imagine you’re at school and you’re kind of hungry, but being the poor student you are, you only have $2.48 and don’t think you’re hungry enough to go for another week without doing your laundry because you’re definitely running out of underwear. But no! You search your pockets shaking your head at your lack of currency and then! Deep within your left butt pocket is the greatest treasure of all! The $3 you put in there who knows when that you forgot about!

Then you go over to the store and you have so many choices. Hot pockets? Chips? Yogurt? Maybe today you’ll indulge yourself with the Naked juice that is unreasonably priced. Who knows? You have $3 to spend and the world is your oyster except for the things that are $3.01 and up.

Holy tangent. That was amazing.