Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures of the photo shoot that I wrote about in my last post. There was a very stern looking man dressed like he has lots of authority and influence (read: money) who was staring at the apartments. I think he was trying to make sure people like myself weren’t taking pictures of the new car that hasn’t hit the market yet.

So, I don’t have pictures to put up but it’s not for lack of trying! I tried turning the lights off in the room I wanted to take pictures from but the lights from the shoot were bright enough that he could see my head poking up from a corner of the window. I even snuck onto the balcony and tried to take pictures through the drain. That didn’t work so well.

In other news, my weekend was absolutely crazy. It came. The thing that I’ve been waiting for forever! A big envelope with information on where I will be spending the next two years of my life. I’m just go ahead and write where it will be. For the next two years of my life (starting July 30th!), I will be proselyting in Vancouver in the Korean language. Technically, my area is almost all of British Columbia, but I’m going to guess I’m mostly going to be in Vancouver because it;s the biggest city there.

So yeah! Big news, no? I’m going to be living in Canada for the next two years. I’m still waiting for it to sink in, so while I’m waiting I want to congratulate Herr B and Frau C on their engagement. Yes, I got your wedding thingy-majiggy in the mail and I really like how the color of the envelope was this CAHRAYZEH green.

‘Twas an amazing sight to behold
Much like a large man slip on wet mold