I went to the dentist today to get my teeth all checked out because I’m going on a mission for two years. Amazingly, thankfully, GRATEFULLY, I don’t have to take out any of my wisdom teeth before I leave, but I have to fill in some cavities. So, that’s what I did today. I filled in two today in my lower left jaw and I have to go back next Monday to get one more in my lower right jaw.

The dentist was amazing. When he gave me the anesthesia, I didn’t even feel the needle, and I didn’t feel a thing when he was drilling away at my teeth. I did, however, feel my lips tugging in awkward directions as he clamped those numb suckers away from the the teeth he would be working on and now they’re sore.

Anyways, until about 2 hours ago, my life was miserable. The left side of my mouth was numb and heavy, I wasn’t allowed to eat so the filling could settle, and I have a cold so my entire body is aching. But then I fell asleep and now I can eat so my life is all sunshine and daisies.

I’m starving so it’s good bye and good night. See ya!