Today, I hung out with my mom. Because my parents are divorced and I live with my dad, I don’t get to meet my mom very often. Her business is open Monday through Saturday and I go to work Monday through Friday, so the only day we can spend a whole day together is on Sundays.

So, today we went to Riverside, which is about an hour drive from where I live, and had brunch at the Mission Inn, which one of her customers owns. It was pretty good. They gave me champagne without asking for my ID so they gotta be cool, right? But seriously, the food was excellent, we got a nice seat outside under a big parasol, there were plants and a stream next to where we sat, and the atmosphere was relaxed.

After brunch, we went to the Desert Hills Outlets. It is about 80 miles from Los Angeles so it was a pretty long drive but there were tons of stores there (more than 70, I’d guess) and we had fun. Some places were so expensive though, they might as well not have had an outlet store. I don’t think many people who could afford a $1200 suit from Hugo Boss would care about saving $150 on an out of season suit.

We came back to LA and had lunch at a casual restaurant in Koreatown and I was dropped off at my apartment. All in all, it was a pretty nice day. And I have a new tie to wear to work tomorrow.