Last night was ridiculous. In my apartment, my room shares a wall with my dad’s room and my grandma’s room is on the other side of the apartment. So, last night I went to bed at around 10:30 and y’know, my bed was all nice and toasty because I have this electric padding thingy and I was feeling pretty comfortable.

Then, my dad’s friend started talking really loud. Remember how I already posted about how he talks too loudly? He was talking even LOUDER. He was basically yelling not unlike how I might yell if a waiter spit in my face at a restaurant. But no, he wasn’t mad. He was just talking.

And it was so loud! His sentences are strings of whooping noises and his voice goes up and down and up and down and GAH! After rolling around in my bed punching my pillow and grinding my teeth, I just said, “You know what? I can’t take anymore of this.”

So I got up and went to my grandma’s room. She was worried something was wrong when I first came in but I told her that my dad’s friend is really noisy and I might kill him if I don’t get some sleep tonight. I wrote about how my grandma’s room is on the other side of the apartment, right?

It was nice and quiet except my grandma’s snoring but it was kind of soothing. It wasn’t the violent snorting that I heard coming from my dad’s friend when he was taking that nap yesterday.

I got out a mat and I was lying on it, calming down and falling asleep, and I heard something. It was faint but it was definitely my dad’s friend’s voice. I couldn’t believe. And you know how if you notice something like that you can’t ignore it. Something like a dot on a blank, perfectly white canvas, where everything is perfect except for that one little, tiny thing and you cannot overlook it.

That’s what it was like. His voice was all I heard and it was booming and might as well have been a plane flying over the apartment. It was terrible.