Yesterday was a long day. I showed up to the office an hour earlier than when the meeting was supposed to start so that I could get some stuff finished. Then, because of some rearrangements, right after the meeting, I had to rush to the San Pedro to do some interpreting for people who came to see the new units.

I left for LA before 4 but there was tons of traffic and I ended up getting home after 5. I scarfed down my dinner and went to pick up my dad and my friend, JS, which took much longer than it was supposed to. JS and I made it to the Disney Concert Hall with just barely enough time to pick up our tickets for the concert and find something to eat for JS.

The concert was amazing. The Los Angeles Philharmonic performed Bartok, Knussen, and Stravinsky. The piece by Stravinsky was OK but I thought the piece by Bartok was phenomenal. Knussen’s piece should have come with a May Cause Drowsiness warning.

After the concert, JS and I drove around trying to find some place to eat (again!) and eventually settled on Denny’s at around 10:45 because all of our other favorite places were closed. So we had second supper, I suppose, and I dropped JS off at her house and got home at midnight.

So, yeah. That’s what I did yesterday.