Yesterday, my dad ruined $400 worth of my clothes. I won’t comment further on this subject because I’m just going to get worked up.

Also, my dad’s friend is visiting from Korea. There are only six more days until he leaves and yes, I’m counting. He’s a nice guy, I guess but truth be told, he’s kind of annoying. I thought about what is it about him that annoys me. I thought about it all last night as I was trying to fall asleep but couldn’t because he was being kind of REALLY LOUD.

Around 11, I realized what it was. Remember how in elementary school, when you went to the library or something, an adult would say, “Shh. Use your indoor voice,” and you would eventually learn that when you’re inside you don’t have to talk so loud? Well, my dad’s friend wouldn’t remember that because I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to him. Or he never realized how to use his indoor voice.

Plus, his voice has a tendency to go up and down, and it just gets really irritating. Anyways, like I said, only six more days.

In other news, there were several tornadoes in Riverside county. In California. This makes no sense to me.