So at my apartment complex, there is a lounge that I come to to use the wifi because our router refuses to give me the internet. In this lounge, there are plently of couches and cushy things, a pool table, and a gigantic TV surrounded by more couches and cushy things.

When I came in, there was a girl watching American Idol who was later joined by a couple of friends. Now, they’re drinking straight from bottles of champagne, or at least that’s what it looks like. Five minutes ago, someone was singing Apologize by One Republic when one of the girls squealed, “I love you!”

Then, someone on the show started talking – I’m going to guess it was Ryan Seacrest – and then there was lots of clapping. One of the girls yelled, “Oh my God. That’s his grandmother!” to which the another girl replied, “She’s hot.”

Yeah. I’m confused.