I’m working six hours short of full time now. My boss decided the Koreans were getting out of hand so my hours have been geared up. I am now working four 9 to 5 days. Then, I have a two hour staff meeting on Fridays. I’m translating for two different projects, one in downtown Los Angeles and one in San Pedro, and today was the first day I worked on the San Pedro project.

San Pedro wasn’t bad. Not as bad as the Los Angeles project, at least. In San Pedro, we only have to worry about 180 apartment units whereas in the Los Angeles project, we trying to get about 1200 units taken care of. It also turns out that there are plenty of parking spaces in San Pedro and that the morning commute is not deadly. Perfect recipe for a nice job, wouldn’t you agree?

Still, I have to deal with a lot of old people, and we all know my saying right? Old people are bitter people and bitter people are no fun. Therefore, according to my fine Californian public school education in mathematics, by the transitive property, old people are no fun and sometimes, neither is my job.

I’m not complaining though. I know how hard it is to get a job these days, what with the economy suffering as it is, and I’m grateful I have such a nice job that pays decently. I shall not take it for granted and the next time an old man sasses me about how there are cracks on his walls that will cause his ceiling to cave in on him in his sleep the next time there is an earthquake when he should be bowing to us for renovating his unit and moving all of his crap FOR FREE while making it as stressless as possible, I will only silently wish it to really happen and not say it out loud.