The wierdest thing happened yesterday. After days of trying to fix a malfunctioning cell phone that I was given to use for work, we decided it would be best to just order a new phone. So that new phone came two days ago and I was pretty happy with it. Then yesterday while I was running errands, I got a call and I was all excited because I got to use the new phone.

I answer the call and as soon as the first syllable leaves my lips, I am told by a machine that my call is very important and I should please hold until a representative can take my call. In other words, they called me to put me on hold.

So I’m driving around on hold wondering about whether I should hang up or not and just as I start to pull the phone away, I’m taken off hold and a lady asks if she’s speaking to Vanessa somethingsomething. I’m kind of confused at this point because after calling me to put me on hold they’re asking for Vanessa somethingsomething.

“Uh… no, this is [Secret Agent Mang.]* I think you have the wrong number,” I say. “This isn’t Vanessa somethingsomething from ________ Consulting**?” she says. Now, I’m really confused because ________ Consulting is where I work and even though I’m a new employee, I’m fairly certain there is not a Vanessa somethingsomething who works there. The lady on the phone is also confused at this point and there is lots of talk back and forth about company cell phones and Vanessa somethingsomething.

Eventually, I ask if she just wants the number for the office to ask for whoever it is she’s looking for but she says that it’s ok and that she’ll take my number off of their register. Wait, register? I thought maybe a Vanessa somethingsomething had a friend who was calling from work and just gave her the wrong number.

It was all very suspicious. Very suspicious, indeed.

*Alias used for security reasons
**Name witheld for similar security reasons