I have a lot of spare time. Now that school is out, I’m just kind of hanging out and working. Ironically, I feel like I have less time. I find myself not blogging as often not because I don’t want to, but because I’m so caught up trying to figure out what to do with all this extra time that before I know it, its after 10 and I have to go to work the next morning.

I watch more movies now, though. In the last week, I watched The Golden Compass, which was really boring and hard to finish, and Juno, which basically was the best movie ever. I also have Cloverfield and Casino Royale from Netflix waiting to be watched. My friend and I watched The Forbidden Kingdom, a movie I thought was pretty fun, and Iron Man. Oh, man, I can’t get over Iron Man.

It was so cool! Obviously, it is not a thinking movie. Comparing a thinking movie to a nonthinking movie is like The Old Man and the Sea compared to the Harry Potter series or The Da Vinci Code on the literature front. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Iron Man immensely. I thought they could not have casted a better person to play Tony Stark. I mean, seriously? You can’t get much better than Robert Downey Jr.

Anyways, I should probably get over it. “Get over it! It wasn’t that good,” my friends say. Oh, but it was! Except Juno was better.

OK, now I’m just rambling. I’m working tomorrow so this is it for this post. Good night.