In the last two weeks, I took 5 finals, packed, moved back to Los Angeles, unpacked, bought a Wii, started working, packed, went to Hawaii (which involved three flight delays and several near car accidents), unpacked again, and started job hunting for a second job. It’s been a crazy couple weeks.

I haven’t had a chance to properly settle in yet, which is partly the reason why I haven’t blogged in so long, but I’m working on that. From now on, I’m working, playing the Wii, and watching DVDs from my new account on Netflix until I don’t know when. I definitely have plenty of time.

For now I have a job as a Korean translator at a consulting company that I got by pulling some strings. Well, technically I was hired by one of my mom’s customers, but “pulling some strings” makes me sound all important so we’ll just keep it that way. The pay is good and the work isn’t hard, but currently I’m only getting about 18 hours a week: 2 nine to five days and two hour staff meetings on Fridays. In a couple weeks, there is another project starting up and I might be translating for that one another day of the week, which would put me up to 26 hours a week.

26 hours out of the 168 hours that is currently available to me. So, today I went job hunting. I’m looking at waiting tables at a steakhouse or some other restaurant that charges $100000 per plate and just rake in the tips. If I can get a job offer at Crate & Barrel in the furniture section of the store, then maybe I’ll consider that as well. I hear they make a killing off of commission.

So, yeah. That’s my life for the next couple months. I’ll either be working or getting frustrated trying to beat The Legend of Zelda.