Yesterday was the last day of classes for the winter semester as well as my last day of work. I’m glad that I’m done with work; I was underpaid while doing the manager’s job, which was basically to babysit. When it comes to school, I have mixed feelings. While I’m glad the semester is over, I’m not sure how to deal with the fact that I will not be going to school for the next two and half years for a proselyting mission.

It really is a foreign concept to me, the idea of not being in school. I was raised by parents whose mindset is that I should get as much education as possible, and that mindset was passed on to me. The idea of college is not something to be questioned and graduate studies is highly desirable, not unlike health insurance. I guess you don’t really need health insurance, but it’s probably more than just a good idea to get it.

So, it hasn’t really sunk in yet that I won’t be going to school, kind of like how it hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m in college now and not high school. It seems that I’m always looking forward to things yet to come but never really focus on the present. This is going to change. I talked to my dad today about how I really want to move to Europe. I mentioned I might maybe be slightly interested in considering trying to get into the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford. He was excited for me, but he did warn me that it won’t be easy, that we can’t afford it so I may only be able to go to school in Europe if I earned a scholarship. He said it would be like trying to get into an Ivy League and that I would have to study my butt off for that scholarship.

So, I’m very much more motivated now. I told my dad that I’d like to move to Europe as if it didn’t really matter too much if I didn’t, but in reality, I’d be pretty upset if I didn’t get to live in Europe at some point in my life. My next goal in life is to get into a top university in Europe, and in order to reach that goal, there is going to be no more of this fantasizing more of the whole doing thing. Y’know? Where you actually do things? Yeah, that’s the one. It’ll be exciting.