Tomorrow is the last day of classes for this semester (last day of classes forever for MT!), Wednesday and Thursday are reading days, and then it begins: the terror that is Finals Week. Cue dramatic music *dun dun dunnn*

Quite honestly, I don’t care about finals week. I mean, I’ll try my best, but I’m not so stressed. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m going to be serving a full time proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (a.k.a. that mormon church) starting sometime this summer.

A full time mission entails two years of constant scriptural studies and missionary work. I will have hardly have any time to think about anything else, including calculus, physics, and maybe even English if I go to a foreign country. I know without a doubt that by the time I get back from my mission I’m going to be awkward around girls and have no memory of how to use implicit differentiation. When I get back from my mission, I’m probably going to have to take Math 110, which is College Algebra, that I learned back when I was a wee lad (lol MT!) in my middle school days.

So, yeah. If you see it from my point of view, it’s not like “OMG FINALS ARE GOING TO ROXORS MY SOXORS FTW,” but more like “What’s the point if I’m going to have to retake everything anyways?” That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped going to class though. I have to get at least a good enough GPA not to be thrown out of school.

It also doesn’t help that I’ve recently been hit with the high life bug and the artsy fartsy bug in addition to the travel bug. I find myself wanting to live the high life. I want to be rich and famous. I want to be friends with celebrities and be invited to their dinner parties and baby showers, but I want to be very elitist. I don’t want to go have lunch with Britney Spears or go partying with Lindsay Lohan. What the heck. I want to have brunch with Michelle Pfeiffer at 10, go four-wheeling with Jon Krasinski and Will Smith in the afternoon, and then mosey on down to Denzel’s place for his birthday bash where I’ll chat it up with Jenna Fischer and Ellen Page. Ah, yes, the high life. It sounds so amazing to me right now.

I also want to do something that I have not dared to do before probably as a result of the high life bug. I’m starting to consider changing my major to graphic design, film, or photography. This is difficult because science has been so ingrained into my life that it’s become a safe area for me. Leaving it for the fine arts puts me out of my comfort zone and makes me uneasy. But not anymore thanks to this bug! I want to go to the concerts of bands that no one has heard of before and be that indie kid who listens to bands that don’t even exist yet. I want to go to contemporary art museums like the MOCA – that I can walk to in five minutes from where my parents live – and nod in appreciation and understanding at all that weird stuff like the two tissues pinned up on the wall.

This whole Europe, high life, and art obsession is probably just a phase, and I love and hate every bit of it. It gives me plenty to fantasize about but it makes me sad that it’s not happening anytime soon. Then, I find myself wishing I was filthy rich, which makes me start fantasizing about what I would do with all that money (move to Europe and make superstar friends, of course!). It cycles round and round, and I’m going crazy because my eyes are getting tired from watching the circling but I just won’t stop looking!