I went to MT’s graduation party tonight. It was totally awesome; there was plenty of food and we basically played Guitar Hero III all night. I actually got to her apartment earlier to make the apple dumplings that I’d been wanting to try for so long. They turned out pretty well except that we didn’t have the vanilla ice cream to eat it with. Still, it wasn’t half bad.

I played tons of Guitar Hero tonight and I loved every little bit of it. Once I start playing GH, I get very competitive and it becomes pretty difficult to stop myself from talking trash despite the fact that I’m not exactly as good as I’d like myself to seem. Right before we all left, WC and I played the infamous Through the Fire and Flames by Dragon Force on Pro Face Off mode. On expert. It was pretty much amazing because we both did much better than we thought we would. I really just ended up strumming as fast I could and mashing the buttons in the general direction that the circles were being bombarded at us from.

After the party, Senor C introduced me to Jorge Luis Borges. I started reading Monk Eastman but could not find it in me to finish it because I was way too tired to try to make sense of what I was reading. At one point, I ended up reading the same sentence for like five minutes. Regardless, I am intrigued. I might start reading him because I was able to pick up – even in my half dead state – that his writings are beautiful.

So, here’s to another ungraceful, un-Borges-like ending. THE END