That last post was just great, wasn’t it? It seems I have what appears to be depression nothing. For me, the home is often not a happy place for reasons I will not indulge you with. I become idle and uncaring when I’m at home and I’m not doing anything that requires more than half of my concentration. Couple that with any hour later than 9:00 PM and I become the person who wrote the previous post.

I’m fine once I wake the next morning and manage to get myself into the shower. By the time I’m halfway up to campus with my iPod playing L’Appuntamento by Ornella Vanoni, or maybe Pollen and Salt by Daphne Loves Derby, I’m back to the self that prefer.

The goal here is to have my “good” self be in control more often than not. Ideally, UI (the Unhappy Idiot) would never dare to show his face in my neck of the woods, but it’s not likely. It is more realistic, I think, to optimize the amount of stage time GI (the Garrulous Idiot) gets. To manage this, I think it’s best I only post blogs at the school library, go to bed earlier, and always be doing something productive (but definitely not homework).

I am unable to think of how to end this post more gracefully. So, THE END.

P.S. This doesn’t make anything I’ve written so far any less true. It’s just that I probably could’ve written in a more gentle style.