Ah, spring.

Spring is a wonderful season. Winter’s cruel reign finally ends, and spring comes in to heal the casualties including extremities of the human body, and large patches of grass. As February comes to an end, winter’s favorite weapon, snow, begins to retreat, spring calls on the sun to thaw the hemisphere, and life is breathed into trees, flowers, grass, and college students. By the end of March, birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the grass is greening. Students are throwing frisbees and sunbathing at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, Utah is spring’s bitch.

About a week of very nice weather (sun and heat and everything!) ended today with inches of snow blanketing cars and more coming. It snowed all day except for a couple hours break. It was cold but just warm enough that it was impossible to walk under a tree without it dumping a gallon’s worth of slush straight onto your head and down your shirt.

In Utah, spring teases you with false promises of warm weather and just when you begin to get your hopes up, it takes a snow shit on your lap.