On the other blog that I have, I wrote a post saying that I’ve begun focusing more this one. Soon, I’ll have completely abandoned the other one, though it is a bit of a waste because it has many posts that I like and the name is quite clever, if I do say so myself. I think there still may be a chance that I will change my mind and revive the other blog, but it’s not likely. As I wrote before, the thing I like about this blog is that it is anonymous with a couple exceptions. A few people know my identity, but I don’t mind them knowing. If I were to write about them, I wouldn’t mind them reading what I wrote.

But remember when I wrote that Mr. A started a blog? Remember when he said he is officially a blogger because he has a blog page (that he’s written only once in since, by the way)? Well, I guess he was trying to be more of a blogger, so while he was on my other blog page, he read that last post I wrote and left a comment, exclaiming that I must declare to everyone the location of the new blog.

Oh, ha ha, I think not! I have to admit that Mr. A was the biggest reason for my starting this blog. I needed an anonymous blog that I could safely rant on, thus giving birth to the Rants category, but it’s not so much for rants anymore now than it was at the beginning of this month. I’ve talked to a couple people about it and found ways to deal with it – namely, changing my attitude about the whole situation – so I don’t really to rant about him anymore, but I’ve grown to like the anonymous posting thing. Though… I think about it now, and the only people who read this blog are probably those friends that I mentioned earlier…

That’s besides the point. The point is that the last people to know about this blog will be those without internet connection and Mr. A.