It’s funny how we are so quick to put things down that we do not understand. Well, not funny. Just plain stupid.

When people put down a certain sport, they usually don’t understand the skills needed to play that certain sport. Golf requires the abilities to read the field and to manipulate a tiny ball from several feet away. In tennis, you need to be able to use a balanced set of skills to trap the opponent after a set up much like in chess. Yes, even cheerleading requires a great deal of skill. I’d like to see the average person attempt flips without a subsequent trip to the emergency room

When it comes to music, I have no doubt that most people who claim to not like classical music have no knowledge of music theory nor have any idea of the delicate process in creating a truly wonderful piece. Even if Bach is not your favorite artist, if you knew some music theory, you could not deny that he had a skill in weaving together a musical tapestry of beautiful complexity. People who don’t like rap music probably do not know the history of rap. They probably do not understand its significance to certain cultures.

Bashing of countries and racism are the more extreme of the spectrum. How often, in the last five years, have I heard someone say something offensive about a Middle Eastern country or people, and the ignorance of the statement burned through my ears, searing my brain in the process! Stereotypes blind people of all ages and races. All the bad “-isms” (racism, sexism, agism, etc.) come from this ignorance. Even people who keep these “isms” alive by looking for it in places they do not exist are plagued by this behavior. They are stuck on the idea that people are constantly out for them and do not understand that maybe the world has progressed into a place where not everything has a hidden message meant to oppress a people.

Obviously, this is not extensive coverage of the subject, but we get the idea, right? Unnecessary hate is stemmed from man’s nature to fear and hate what it doesn’t understand. We are quick to judge and quick to hate. Perhaps, the next time we feel the need to put something down, we could try and master that nature. We could take a moment and imagine that there just might be something that we don’t understand about it. Then, as we try to understand more things, we can “cure” some of our ignorance, ridding ourselves of some of the unjustified hate that seems to be so profuse in our world.

As we understand more, we appreciate more. We could come to appreciate everything and everyone. We could live in a more appreciating world, one where everyone has value and significance. We could live in a loving world, one we would be excited to bring a child into.

We could live in a beautiful world.