I am very tempted to quit school and open up a business. One of my closest friends from high school has an idea, and I almost started to really consider going back home to Los Angeles to go on this little business venture. For now, I can fantasize by thinking of recipes that we might use. Sandwiches, drinks, salads, etc. I probably should bring up my cooking skills though. I’d love to be able cook well, even if it isn’t for our business idea.

I’m always watching the Food Network. There isn’t a show on the Food Network that I don’t like, with the possible exception of Essence of Emeril. I always watch with a feeling of longing and a bit of envy for their culinary skills. Iron Chef gets me good. The way those guys can whip up and plate a five course meal (though the portions are, admittedly, ridiculously small) in an hour is amazing.

One day, I’ll be confident in my cooking skills. One day…