Oh, Lord, beer me strength. Get it? Like Andy from The Office (Oh, wow, the irony. If only you knew what I was talking about…)? Mr. A is starting a blog. And this is after he rags on me about blogging all the time. That just pisses me off. I tell him he’s officially lame now like I apparently am, but he says that it’s not the same because he doesn’t spend an afternoon “blogging instead of doing what they’re made of.” According to him, they’re made of life. I thus deduce that blogging about life doesn’t count as living life. Though… how does that work? If, by blogging, you’re not living life, how are you qualified to write about life? After all, what would a blogger know about life, right?

Let’s take this thought a bit further. What about blog posts about blogs, like this one? That means that those blog posts are about people not living their lives, but only kind of because they are blogging about people blogging about life, and people blogging about life are very much in this world, so they must know something about life. Does that mean that blogging is actually a part of life? What about blogs about theories? Or fictional blogs? I don’t know. It’s all very fishy to me.

Well, anyways, the last two paragraphs were in jest. Though, I really am slightly perturbed (read: pissed the hell off). It’s not like I stay in my room reading blogs all day, only emerging at dusk to feed. I go to class. I have lunch with friends. I do my studies at the library. I work about 20 hours a week. I’m invited to dinners. In fact, I believe I have more a life than Mr. A does. The only thing Mr. A does is go to class (and not even that diligently), and annoy people. Oh, and now he blogs and is suddenly an expert.

There is so much I could say about Mr. A, but I think you’d prefer I don’t subject you to all my fantastic negativity. I have to say just a little more though. His blog name is extremely cheesy and his blog title isn’t even original. He totally ripped it off of one of my philosophy books. As you may have perceived by now, I do not approve of neither his blog nor anything else that is associated with him. Not that it matters whether I approve or not, but I just feel like I have to voice my opinion. I can just imagine the narcissistic garbage he’ll paste all over it. The blog is a powerful form of media if used in a certain way, and I don’t want people to be exposed to the inner workings of whatever it is that’s in Mr. A’s head.

**I had started writing this post with a lighter tone in hopes of offsetting the negative mood of the last post, but I guess that didn’t turn out so well. When it comes to Mr. A, I get on a roll, and I try not to. I really do, but I can’t help myself.