So, tomorrow is my birthday. Today, there was a church meeting that I intentionally skipped for the sole purpose of sparing myself the overwhelming attention that would be focused on me and a couple other people as 150 people sing “Happy Birthday”. So, I was indulging myself by playing Final Fantasy XII that I had abandoned a couple weeks ago for the sake of studying thinking that I was safe.

Boy, was I wrong. Here I am sitting on the couch enjoying myself, when God knows how many people come in singing “Happy Birthday” all under the direction of Mr. A. This year’s birthday is a little special for me for reasons I will indulge you on the next post, and I had intended for it to go well. I just wanted a relaxed weekend that I could use to either wallow in my own self-pity or just enjoy some alone time, which ever one it came down to. I just wanted certain people to just leave me alone so I wouldn’t have to deal with trying not to get frustrated, but I didn’t get it. Just like every freaking year.

I don’t want presents or parties. If you insist, just a simple “Happy Birthday” will do, but let’s not turn this into a big deal and gather up the entire world to celebrate the glorious day of my birth. And if you insist on wishing me a happy birthday, you can at least respect me for 10 minutes and not do the exact opposite of what I said I didn’t want. Thanks.