This is the second post in a row, today. A couple days ago, we got this one customer.

Customer: This is disgusting. It’s too liquidy. Remake it.
Jess: Um, that’s just how the drink is supposed to be.
C: No. I get this ALL the time and it’s never like this.
J: You ordered the–
C: Listen! It’s never like this! Remake it!
J (thinking while remaking drink): Ugh… It’s going to be exactly the same as the last one. *Hands new drink to customer*
C: *Tries it* This is the same shit as the last time! It’s too–
J: OK, there’s no reason for you to cuss! Now, I’m telling you that is how it’s SUPPOSED to be.
C: That’s not true because I get this all the time, and it’s never like that! I want a refund.
J: Ok, fine.
*Crazy customer leaves with refund*
Next customer in line: I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that drink at all. Isn’t it supposed to be like that?
J: I know! Right? What a crazy broad…