So, it’s just before 10pm and the 9 o’clock rush is still here. People chattering, blenders going, orange machine squeezing, dishes washing. Basically, it’s really loud. It’s the usual rush until we all turn our heads as a horrendous sound cuts through every noise in the store like a bullet cuts through the air. It’s a loud, high pitched yelp followed by a wheezing cackle. The high pitched nature of the sound allows it to be heard over all sorts of things. My coworkers and I are able to quickly identify the group that holds the person making this awful sound but cannot figure who in the group it is. I suspect the tall girl with the yellow purse. The manager suspects the girl sitting on the stool all funny.

It’s half an hour later and they’re still here making a grand total of 45 minutes of torture, not only for us, but for the other customers as well. A coworker comments that there is a sign on the door that says animals are not allowed in the store except for service animals and that we have the right to kick them out. “No hyenas!” she says.

Eventually, we figure out who it is that keeps laughing like that, and it is shocking. It is The Short Guy In Blue Shirt. Jokes about castration and the absence of testicles and giggling ensue.

All in all, it was a fun day at work being able to make fun of customers together.