Today, we had a substitute professor for our calculus class. Dr. McKay is a portly man with a slightly high pitched voice who loses his breath in his excitement to lecture us on indeterminate forms. And, in case you didn’t know, today is pi day. Y’know? Like the number pi? 3.14somethingsomething? And today is March 14? Like 3/14? OK, good. So, in my experience, math teachers + pi day = excitement for teachers, rolling eyes for students.

So, after demonstrating an equation…

Dr. McKay: There! Easy as cake. No. Easy as pi[e].
Students (to selves): Oh, Lord… *massive eye rolling*
Dr. M: Name that movie!
Random student: What?
Dr. M: It’s from a movie. I’ll give you a clue. It came out in the 80’s and it’s a SciFi film.
Another student: Star Wars?
Dr. M: No! That’s 1977! I was there. And I don’t want any comments on that! *mutters* Young people…

And then later…

Dr. M: So, L’Hopital’s Rule only applies to zero over zero and infinity over infinity. In this case, because it is a zero times infinity indeterminate form, L’Hopital’s Rule does not apply big frowny face.

And then even later…

Dr. M: L’Hopital’s Rule is greater than sliced bread, but it is not infallible!