So, the other day, I was on the couch writing a post for my other blog page that I had created for posting anonymously. One of my roommates (who we will call Mr. A from now on maybe because his name starts with the letter A or maybe because he is an ass) sits down next to me and starts reading off of my laptop screen. He makes note of the blog address and starts reading what I had written. I wasn’t writing about him but this roommate is one that has constantly been on my last nerve the last couple of weeks so I had written a couple posts about him before. I’ve imported what few posts that I’d written on what was supposed to be an anonymous blog before it was so rudely discovered, so you can read them.

But seriously, what the hell. Apparently, I can’t trust my roommate to give me the privacy that I shouldn’t even have to ask for. Am I going to have to start writing on my blog on campus? And you know what? That wasn’t even the first time that he’s just read off of people’s screens. He occasionally reads the conversations I have online with friends back at home. It’s not the fact that he’s “eavesdropping” that bothers me. What bothers me is that I can’t even have a conversation without my privacy being violated with him looming above my shoulder. Where does he get the nerve?

Like one time, my other roommate (who we will call Herr B maybe because his name starts with the letter B or maybe because I don’t want everyone’s name to start with Mr., Ms., or Mrs.) and I were sitting in the living room chatting with each other on GoogleTalk because we didn’t want Mr. A to hear what we were talking about. Herr B starts laughing at what I had said, and Mr. A, who had his date in the living room as well, jumps up and tries to read off of Herr B’s screen after jokingly accusing us of talking about them.

Come on now. Frantically jumping up to read someone else’s screen with no regard at all for privacy is one thing. But with a date there? That’s just… I actually cannot think of the word right now. It’s been at least half a day and I still cannot think of the word, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

**So just to make things clear, all posts before this one have been imported.