I actually already have a blog, but I needed a blog that I can publish anonymously on. On the blog I already have, I feel like I can’t really write what I want for fear of offending someone or making someone feel bad (for shame!). I’m planning on writing on that one regularly, but it just might end up not being written in as I focus more on this blog where I can really write whatever the hell I want. There we go. I can even curse if I wanted on this blog because no one knows who I am. Ever since I started college, I’ve tried my best not to cuss (mostly because people are going to judge me and I hate when people do that), and I’ve had surprising success. I’ve had about three slip-ups but the stress of school, work, and crazy roommates is starting to build up and not cussing isn’t helping one bit.

 So, yeah. I’m planning on using this blog just like the other one I have except, of course, the whole anonymous part and the not being myself thing. There’s probably going to be a lot of ranting. I’m also going to try and be as honest as I possibly can as well. I often refuse to think certain thoughts because I don’t want them to be true, but that’s enough of that.

 I’d love to write about something right now, but it’s past midnight and I really should get some sleep for class tomorrow. Night.