100 Things

  1. I grew up in Los Angeles.
  2. Doctors say I should have died on December 1, 2000 when I was hit by a van going 35 mph.
  3. Apparently, in the scenario I was in, 90% of people die.
  4. I got out of that accident with a 6 hour stay at the hospital, a bump on my head, and a strained knee.
  5. I am Mormon and have been Mormon since I was born.
  6. The only pets I’ve ever had were goldfish and turtles.
  7. The turtles were technically for a 7th grade science project.
  8. I am Korean.
  9. My parents have never made dessert.
  10. Instead, we had fruit.
  11. Growing up, if we ever had meat for dinner, it was salmon or halibut.
  12. My dad has a budget for everything, including for eating out 3 or 4 days a week.
  13. I’m an only child.
  14. Because I grew up with my dad and my dad is an only child as well, I did not know of any uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. until I met my mom in the summer of 2007.
  15. In one day, my family grew from 3 people to at least 20 people.
  16. My dad and I look almost exactly alike.
  17. We like to trick people into thinking we are brothers.
  18. My grandmother took the maternal figure in my life.
  19. I never had a problem with not having a mom.
  20. I am almost always hungry like now.
  21. I almost never eat breakfast.
  22. If I eat something within an hour of waking up, my stomache will be very unhappy for the rest of the day.
  23. I have never eaten grits or country fried steak.
  24. I get this thing where patches on the surface of my skin start to sting unbearably 5 minutes at a time for a day or two.
  25. Then, after a couple months, the patches will migrate to a different area and torture me from there.
  26. I love Futurama.
  27. I also love the Food Network. Give me those two and I’m happy.
  28. I have always wanted to learn photography.
  29. I think it would be pretty awesome to be a food photographer.
  30. If I could, I would make a living as an epicure.
  31. I spend more time than I’d like listening to other people’s problems.
  32. There are many places I’d love to see, but probably never will because I think traveling is a hassle.
  33. I’m starting to become a Red Sox and Patriots fan because the friend that I started watching baseball and football with is a Red Sox and Patriots fan.
  34. I don’t like Emeril.
  35. I think he talks like he’s always reading off a teleprompter (he probably is).
  36. I love orange juice.
  37. If I’m not talking to someone, I need to be listening to music.
  38. When I eat Korean food, I use chopsticks with my left hand and a spoon with my right hand for maximum efficiency.
  39. I cannot go on a trip and not go into every single gift store I see.
  40. I’m left-handed for most, but not all, things.
  41. I. Love. Aquariums.
  42. I want to learn CSS so I can play around with my blogs a little bit.
  43. But I seriously hate programming. My C S 142 class has forever ruined programming for me.
  44. I would consider basically any major besides history. And maybe programming.
  45. I love learning languages. So far, I speak 2 fluently and understand another 2, though I can’t speak them very well.
  46. My first game console was a Sega Genesis. It was pretty much awesome.
  47. I love watching college sports but don’t know anything about rankings, teams, etc., nor do I follow any teams.
  48. I’d rather play a sport than watch it.
  49. I have never eaten anything wierd when I was a kid (like glue, sand, dirt, etc.).
  50. I thought that when I first watched Napoleon Dynamite, it was the biggest waste of $8 ever.
  51. It grew on me, but I still dont think it’s that funny.
  52. I was slightly allergic to fish for about half a year when I was 11.
  53. My best friend and I met when we both got sent to the same corner after getting in trouble in the 3rd grade.
  54. We are still close, but we haven’t talked much since we went to different high schools.
  55. I didn’t try hard enough in high school.
  56. If I were to go through high school again, I wouldn’t try any harder than I did the first time.
  57. I don’t have a problem with spending a few extra bucks for something better.
  58. I prefer sleeping on a thin mat on the floor.
  59. I have never had a room I can call my own, until after high school. I don’t understand the concept of having your own room.
  60. I get frustrated with people often, but it takes a lot to get me angry.
  61. Once I’m angry at someone, it’s lights out for them.
  62. I have no study skills at all.
  63. I write more creatively when I’m under intense pressure (like if the paper is due in 6 hours).
  64. This does not apply for blogs. I write better posts during the day and when I’m not at home.
  65. I want to change my major to a liberal arts major but am scared that I won’t be able to find a stable job.
  66. If I could, I would never go to Korea. I’d rather not subject myself to constant awkward situations with relatives whom I have never talked to in my life.
  67. Of all the languages, I think Spanish is the least fun to learn but the most useful.
  68. Since starting college, my ability to speak Korean has been on a steady decline.
  69. I started with fluent Korean and now stumble through sentences.
  70. I don’t feel comfortable speaking Korean to young people.
  71. When I meet a Korean adult, my immediate instinct is to speak in Korean whether or not he/she speaks it.
  72. When I meet a young Korean, I will refuse to speak in Korean.
  73. I think the best show to ever grace us was Arrested Development.
  74. It’s so sad that they canceled it. The Office is good but not nearly as good as Arrested Development.
  75. I thank God for arresteddevelopment.msn.com.
  76. I don’t know what I got myself into when I applied for my major.
  77. I cannot stand chemistry classes.
  78. When it comes to history classes, if the teacher is not phenomenal, I will hate it and never live down the fact that I had to take it.
  79. Opinionated people who do not know how to take advice or to take other people’s opinions as simply opinions get on my nerves.
  80. I’m not convinced of the plural form of the word genius (geniuses? genii?).
  81. And what about moose? Mooses sounds wierd, but not as wierd as meese, I guess.
  82. I also need clarification on how Easter’s date is determined. Usually, it’s in April, but sometimes it’s in March.
  83. I am not happy with my writing skills.
  84. But I still love to write.
  85. I hate when people expect so much from me.
  86. I used to do the opposite of what the majority did (even for things like getting a smoothie with a group of friends) to show that I didn’t make my decisions based on what everyone else did.
  87. That stopped when I realized that, by making other people’s choices the basis of my decisions, I actually did care about what people did.
  88. I really don’t care what anyone does or thinks anymore.
  89. I think WordPress is so much cooler than Blogger.
  90. That opinion might change once I learn how to code in CSS.
  91. I think that Utah could learn a few things about traffic control from Los Angeles.
  92. The timing on the traffic lights in Utah are all screwy and awkward.
  93. I also think Utah drivers could learn a few things about driving from Los Angeleno drivers.
  94. I used to work out regularly.
  95. Now, it’s a miracle if I can even get up on time for class.
  96. I often cut corners in my life but rarely in doing things for which I’m paid.
  97. I think work ethic is one thing that everyone can improve on.
  98. Not judging people is another.
  99. I want to start a business while I’m in college. A business that is busy during nights, like a pizza place (or a bar!), so I can go to class during the day and work during the night.
  100. I am so glad I finally finished these 100 99 things.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hinaraurea
    Mar 25, 2008 @ 21:36:11

    You’re funny, seriously.


  2. Alicia Kang
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 00:16:05

    oh what fun :D


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